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Neopreme and Neosupreme Seat Cover Colors
 You don't see your color or design here?  Please ask us.
Actual colors and product reference code may vary.  Please visit our facility to view the actual color and material samples and also an opportunity for us to take exact measurments of your vehicle's seats so we may offer an exact quote and turn-time for completion.
A1 Foams and Fabrics Materials 
We use a wide variety of vendors to ensure that your selection and specifications are met.  We use high performance materials to provide years of durable use while maintaining the upholstered item's shape, color and functionality.  

Materials are available in Leather, Vinyl, Suede and Cloth.  Marine material is UV and water resistant. 

Color Swatch Samples
You can best appreciate your choices of colors by visiting our facility.  We work with material suppliers who provide us with both manufacturer colors as well as after-market and custom colors.

Carpet Textures and Colors (below)
We offer a wide variety of carpet textures and colors including manufacturer re-order materials.  Carpet material is available for auto and marine.

< Custom Upholstered Headliners

Available in cloth or vinyl material, we have a wide color selection to choose from.

Foam Information:  
- 3/16” foam to 1/8" 
- Up to 60" in width. 
- Popular ‘flat knit’ headliner colors

Velour Cloth Material >

- 100% Polyester automotive body cloth program
- Up to 60" Width 
- Meets MVSS 302 Flammability Standard
- Available is 12 popular color choices
- Available for automotive upholstery and                 residential upholstery


FIVE STAR UPHOLSTERY has replaced, molded, trimmed, cut and stitched thousands of  automotive foreign and domestic models, years and makes.  Select your color and we'll do the rest.

Sample Color Number from Left to Right:

  • Top Row, L to R: 30, 31, 33
  • Bottom Row, L to R: 34, 35, 36
Sample Color Number from Left to Right

  • Top Row, L to R: 32, 38, 39
  • Bottom Row, L to R: 41, 42, 43
Sample Color Number from Left to Right

  • Top Row, L to R: 51, 52, 61
  • ​Bottom Row, L to R: 62, 63, Camo