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We re-upholster your home and patio furniture to a "like new" look and feel for years of enjoyment and reliabilty.
Many of our customers share sentimental value for many of their home and patio furniture pieces. Some find great basement bargains and know with just a little TLC their furniture piece will bring years of enjoyment and longevity.

We maintain a wide selection of fabrics from which to choose from and can recreate your furniture’s piece original splendor or you may opt for a new look. We will help you decide if you would like our opinion. 

We not only remove and change the exterior material but also replace all leather, fabric, webbing, straps, foam, fiberboards and inserts. This make-over ensures a newly conditioned piece on its original frame.

Finally, we are ten years in the business and bring to you the pride of “old school” and “old country” craftsmanship.  

We use top-grade materials so your furniture piece becomes a true quality item through and through.  

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